The Scots Australian Council

The Scots Australian Council

The Scots Australian Council (Australia) is an independent organisation which fosters business, cultural and sporting links between the people of Australia and Scotland. Led by a committee of six Australians with Scottish heritage active in community and business, the Scots Australian Council (Australia) has strong links with the original Scots Australian Council, which is based in Scotland. These links have developed and refined through the close partnership which extends almost 20 years.

The Scots Australian Council in Australia and its counterpart in Scotland spend time identifying scholarship and work experience opportunities, investigating funding options and making arrangements for suitably qualified young people to spend time in the other country for an experience which will deepen their learning and skills.

The members and supporters of the Scots Australian Council (Australia) are passionate about providing professional development opportunities for talented, young Australians to pursue their areas of expertise. An important aspect of the work of the Australian and Scottish Councils is also to make sure that, once successful, young scholars are provided with on-the-ground support during their time in the new country to ensure their experience of learning and extending themselves is a satisfying, once-in-a-life-time opportunity.

Based in Sydney, the Council provides scholarship opportunities for young Australians from all over Australia following many and varied professional pursuits.

Recently, young Australians have undertaken scholarships and work experience in Scotland in:

  • Master of Public Health, University of Edinburgh 

  • Master of Science course in Outdoor Education, University of Edinburgh
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Scholarship - Masters of Mechanical Engineering in Desalination Technology, Glasgow University
  • Architecture Scholarship - SMC Hugh Martin Architects 3 months work experience
  • Masters of Science in International Politics, Glasgow University
  • Jewellery
The major Royal Bank of Scotland Scots Australian Council Post Graduate Scholarship for 2008-9 has been recently awarded. The recipient, Dr Rebekah McWhirter from Tasmania, was presented with her award at a cocktail party held on the 7th August 2009 at the British Consulate, Sydney. Attended by 50 guests comprising representatives of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the British Consulate along with Scots Australian Council members and their friends, the cocktail party was a very happy occasion with the backdrop of a night-time view of the beautiful Sydney Harbour.    

The Scots Australian Council is currently working towards providing scholarships in Rugby and Soccer and discussions are underway which will, hopefully, see these scholarships come to fruition later in 2009 or early 2010.

The Scots Australian Council